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MediCorp PNT Vision Software Technologies, Inc. University of Texas School of Public Health at Houston University of Minnesota Paraben Corporation Tiny Tech Software (Pocket PC) Quiet Healthy Technologies Shannon Software Siesta Software SporTrac Fitness Systems CU-Soft 3DTX Corporation Satori Publishing CMC Enterprises Better Byte Software Black Cat Systems Enggist & Grandjean CBORD Group, Inc. Compu-Cal, Inc. Computrition, Inc. DakotaFit Software Personal Data Technologies Dietary Software, Inc. (Palm) MulberrySoft (Palm, Pocket PC) Diet Power, Inc. Dime Software Dine Systems HealthKeeper, Inc. Hopkins Technology Crosstrainer Software Corp. Lifestyles Technologies Logiform Mealformation SureQuest Systems Inc. SweetWARE Way Down South Software WholeGrain Software TBD Software The Nutrition Company QPlus, Inc. NutriGenie Mark Muller Diondine Solar Storm Software Irving Bender Personal Trainer L.L.C. ESHA Research Axxya Systems, LCC Fitnesoft Sasquatch Software PWRSoft GeriMenu Software Nutridata Software Healthetech CyberSoft, Inc. - for Individuals and Families CyberSoft, Inc. - for Professionals NutriStrategy, Inc. Ohio Distinctive Software Viocare Technologies, Inc. Biggly BioEx Systems, Inc. Open Source
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Nutrition Data System (NDS) Food Intake Analysis System (FIAS) Palmtop Dietary Computer (for Palm) Diet Organizer DietPower Dime Software Mealformation Software MediCorp PNT Software HealthFit Counter (Palm, Pocket PC) Nutrition Data System Cybernetic Dietitian BeNutriFit Nutrition Manager Kathleen's Diet Planner Diet Sleuth Subliminal Diet Food Blaster CALCMENU Diet Analyzer System Dine Healthy French Diet Do-It! Eatwell-Bewell Weight Management Software Nutrobics Food Processor Nutritionist Pro NutriBase Nutrition and Fitness Manager for Individuals and Families NutriBase Cloud Edition for Professionals NutriStrategy Software Recipe Analyzer Paraben Diet Tracker Pocket Diet Tracker (Pocket PC) Weight-By-Date Pro DietAid Heart Smart SporTRAC SureQuest Software nutraCoster Diet Cruncher WholeGrain Software ZoneRunner FoodWorks Nutrition Wizard NutriGenie Software Recipe Calc Diet Tracker NaturBase LifeForm Food Smart FoDa GeriMenu Software Balance Log Diet Balancer DietLog Performance Diet Santé Cross Trainer II Weight Commander DietMaster Fuel Nutrition Software Dietitian's Assistant (for Palm) Computrition ProTrack Fitbody ProNutra Biggly Body Plan Software Nutrition Maker CRON-O-Meter VST Foodservice Management System

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