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NutriBase 11 Personal Nutrition & Fitness Software for Windows
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NutriBase is the most powerful and flexible nutrition and fitness software you can buy. If you're interested in optimizing nutrition, crafting recipes, tracking progress, creating meal plans, or managing diabetes, we invite you to take a look at NutriBase. It's the only software that provides you the NBFTE function. NutriBase brings you professional software at a personal price. We've published over three million books based on our nutrient database. We provide links to all our competitors... but they don't link back to us. If you're trying to manage your weight, optimize nutrition, or increase your fitness, take a moment to learn how NutriBase will make your task easier, faster, more accurate, and - dare we say it? - fun! Compare NutriBase to products costing $595 and up.
What's unique about NutriBase? Can your nutrition software do any of these things?
Synchronize your data (food logs, recipes, etc.) across all your computers no matter where they are located?
Click a button to determine your client's NBFTE (next best food to eat)?
Track meals and diabetic factors to help clients learn to control their blood glucose levels?
Install and use software on up to three computers with a single user's license?
Support for a Nutrient Density View to view the nutrient content of foods per calorie or per gram?
Access a research quality database with data for over 38,000 food items?
Add pictures to your recipes so others can duplicate the look of your recipes as well as the taste?
Share recipes, meals, and meal plans by email, with downloads, or by synchronizing via the Cloud?
Access brand name data for 1,200+ different unique brand names?
Manually backup your data or have the software schedule automatic data backups?
Include before, during, and after photos for your clients or yourself?
Create and use specialized recipes as building blocks to create Meal Plans for any special need?
Ability to specify different calorie goals for each day of the week to support IF (Intermittent Fasting) Diets?
Does the software's database serves as the foundation for over three million nutritional information books?
Support your indirect calorimeter, heart rate monitor, and/or pedometer?
Track and graph body fat content and/or body weight over time?
Accurately forecast the date when you will reach your goal body weight?
Ability to view data for hundreds of foods at once (rather than one food item at a time)?
Ability to sort all foods in your dispay by simply clicking the nutrient column header?
Ability to assign keywords to recipes, then retrieve them using these keywords?
Color-coded backgrounds provide alerts sodium, cholesterol or saturated fat values in the data?
Schedule backups, password protect your data, customize your user interface?
Create PDF or printed Information topic reports for dozens of nutrition-related topics?
Global ranking (sorting) feature?
Scale any recipe to feed any number of people?
Ability to edit the mathematical formulas used for calculations in the software?
Track and monitor target heart rate training regimens?
No annual fees or subscription fees - product support provided in perpetuity?

Jordan Gold's ninth book, "Get Fit with Technology" compares for over 30 top nutrition software products. Mr. Gold writes:"NutriBase is nutrition software on steroids... NutriBase is much more powerful than competing products, with more reports, options, and bells and whistles than its competition."

Read nutrition software-related article reprints.Today's Dietitian Magazine says: "NutriBase is a dream come true... The program is detail oriented and offers almost unlimited capacity for customization... other programs can't compare... it does just about everything a dietitian could want."

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